Holiday apartment - Noack - Kranichfeld      

A little bit of order has to be ...

We are pleased that you have chosen our holiday apartment in the beautiful Thuringia in the Ilmtal and would like to welcome you with us.

Our apartment has been in existence since October 2010 and has been lovingly furnished for you by us, so that you can hopefully feel comfortable and enjoy your stay with us.

If you miss something in the apartment or if you need help, you can contact us with confidence. Only in this way can we quickly remedy any shortcomings.

All things that are in or belong to the house can and should be used by the guests. However, please take care of the entire setup and inventory. If you have changed the furniture during your stay, please restore the original condition on your departure.

In addition to the accommodation costs, the rental price includes bed linen, towels, tea towels, detergents and cleaning products as well as garbage bags. We now wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and relaxation and hope to be able to contribute to this.

The location of our apartment in the central Thuringia of Germany offers a variety of possibilities to make your stay varied due to the many hours of sunshine, the mild climate and the hilly expansive landscape with fields, meadows and beautiful forests.
Numerous museums, sights and excursion destinations can be found in the immediate vicinity, some tips can be found on our homepage. In the apartment we have put together brochures and excursion tips for you. We are also at your disposal for questions and information about excursion tips or similar.

By booking the apartment, you will recognize the house rules listed below.

Your family Noack

Arrival and departure
The apartment is free of occupancy on the day of arrival from 4 p.m. or by appointment. Please let us know your expected arrival time a few days before arrival. Key collection takes place by individual arrangement.
If necessary, the use of our key safe is possible.
On the day of departure, the apartment must be vacated by 10.00 a.m. or by arrangement.
Converted furniture must be re-opened to the original place. All used dishes must be cleaned in the cupboards again, the beds do not have to be removed. Before leaving, please simply throw all used towels on to the floor.

Outdoor installation
The outdoor area belonging to the apartment includes the terrace forecourt, parking space for cars and storage room for bicycles. We kindly ask you to keep the garage entrance free! Please also leave the outdoor area as you found it and dispose of the rubbish and rubbish on your own. If you want to place bicycles, please ask for the key.

We kindly ask you to remove the tiles of the shower after each shower in order to avoid limescale deposits. Leave the door open for ventilation. In the shower and toilet, no women's ties and other hygiene products, waste, food residues, harmful liquids, fats or the like may be thrown or poured, otherwise unpleasant blockages may occur. Please use the possibilities provided for this or simply ask us.

Nobody intentionally damages things, but it can happen to anyone that something breaks. If this should happen, we kindly ask you to notify us immediately of the damage caused, so that we do not find it at the final cleaning after your departure. The guest or his/her insurance company is liable for damage in the amount of the replacement costs.

We will provide you with bed linen for the duration of your stay. In case of a longer stay, we move the beds by arrangement in between times. You do not need to withdraw your salary before your departure.

The entire rental amount must be paid in cash or early by bank transfer before or when moving into the apartment. If a down payment has been made, it will of course be deducted and the balance must be paid. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards, debit cards or cheques.

Please send your booking enquiries to us by phone or better by e-mail via our booking request form. A binding booking must always be made in writing by post or e-mail.
  1. Request via booking form by the guest
  2. Offer with precise price indication by e-mail by us
  3. Guest confirms our offer
  4. Booking is fixed and the guest receives a booking confirmation by e-mail. This makes the booking binding and at the same time the guest accepts our house rules and the cancellation rules.
The apartment may only be taken over by the tenant listed in the rental agreement and is not transferable to other persons without the consent of the landlord. The apartment may not be occupied by more people than is indicated in the rental agreement.

Daily permanent visits are not allowed. If you receive a visit that stays with you overnight in the apartment, this must be reported immediately to the landlord. You will then receive bed linen and towels for your visit.
The overnight stays will then be charged according to the price list. Such an overnight stay is only possible if free beds are available in the apartment.

If additional persons are found in the apartment without this being agreed with the landlord, the above-mentioned booking agreement will be knowingly violated and will result in an immediate cancellation of the booking contract without reimbursement.

Additional ceilings are available in the apartment. These are only for the in-house area and we kindly ask you not to use them as picnic blankets.

Unless otherwise agreed, the costs of the final cleaning are reimbursed with the flat rate. They are calculated on a normal cleaning effort. The apartment must be left clean on departure, the dishes must be washed off and cleaned in the cupboards. (see "Arrival and Departure"), please separate the garbage (see "Garbage").
If there is still particularly heavy contamination on departure, these will be charged according to the expense.

We will provide you with a hair dryer for the duration of your stay. You can find it in the bathroom cupboard.

Garden furniture
For the seat in our outdoor area (see also outdoor installation) we provide you with a table with up to 4 chairs available. If necessary, we can also provide a parasol. In the evening, the parasol must always be folded.
The seat must be left as you have found it. Waste and rubbish must be disposed of independently. We kindly ask you to bring the chair cushions into the apartment in case of bad weather.

We have an outdoor grill for you, which we can provide to you upon request Please be extremely careful when dealing with open fire and pay particular attention to your children. After grilling, remove the cold ash from the grill and dispose of it in a black ash bowl.

The landlord is not liable for valuables of the guests.

We provide you with hand, shower and tea towels for the duration of your stay. They are on the shelf for you.
The hand and shower towels are only for domestic use, please do not take them with you in swimming pools or thermal baths. In case of a longer stay, we change the cloths upon arrangement. Please simply throw the used towels on the floor before leaving.

House law
Under certain circumstances (very rare) it may be necessary for the landlord to enter the apartment without the guest's knowledge.

Animals are not allowed in the apartment.

Internet / W-LAN
A free wireless internet connection (W-LAN) is available in the apartment. Please ask us for the access data.

Children's travel bed / Children's high chair
On request, we provide you with a children's travel bed including bed linen and /or a children's high chair free of charge. Please let us know what you need when booking.

The kitchen has been completely new for our guests. Please be careful with the kitchen equipment and the technical equipment. (User manuals can be found in the shelf compartment).
Please only put the dishes back into the cupboards when they are clean, as well as cutlery, pots and appliances that you have used. No waste, food residues, harmful liquids, fats or the like may be thrown or poured into the sink, otherwise unpleasant blockages may occur.

Empty the fridge before moving out and wipe out moist, no broken foods should remain in it. The optimal cooling is at level 1.5.

In case of multiple violation of the rental conditions, the landlord can unilaterally terminate the rental agreement and the guest must leave the apartment immediately. There is no right to a refund of the rental price in this case.

Room ventilation
In order to avoid mould formation, we kindly ask you to ventilate the rooms sufficiently, at least 1x shock ventilation per day for 5-10 min and especially after showering. When leaving the apartment, close all windows and close the entrance door with the key! Please leave the shutters open during the day.

Household waste / Garbage
Since we are obliged to separate waste, the waste must be separated according to:

    ->   Packaging material according to yellow sack (all packaging with the green dot, no food residues)
    ->   Biowaste (organic waste such as food waste)
    ->   Paper - blue ton in front of the house
    ->   Residual waste (everything that does not fall into the first three categories)

We provide garbage bags free of charge, which can be found in a drawer in the kitchen cupboard.
Please dispose of used glass independently, Glass containers can be found in Kranichfeld around the corner in Mohrentalerstraßee. Reusable bottles and other deposited goods must also be disposed of independently where they were purchased.

Extra charges
Water, electricity, heating and garbage are included in the rental price, unless otherwise agreed. These costs are calculated for normal consumption. If these are above average, the landlord reserves the right to charge the guests.

It can be parked directly in front of the apartment, other public parking spaces are in the immediate vicinity. Insofar as a parking space is made available to the guest, no custody contract is concluded. In the event of loss or damage to vehicles parked or ranked on the property and their contents, the landlord shall not be liable.

Price reduction
In the event of a short-term failure of furnishings, public service or force majeure, there is no right to a price reduction. Defects in the apartment must be reported immediately to the landlord. The guest grants the landlord a reasonable period of time to remedy the defects. Subsequent complaints will not be accepted and cannot be credited.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in our apartment. Damage such as burn marks and holes in or on furniture, floors, bed linen, tablecloths, etc. means that we have to charge you for the replacement value. It is possible to smoke on the forecourt, please dispose of the leftovers not on the property, but in the provided ashtray. The ashtray must be emptied in the black ton in front of the house before departure. Thank you for your understanding!

If a mishap (extreme dirt, liquids on the floor or work surfaces, etc.) happens to you, we ask you to eliminate this immediately. There are brooms, sweeping shovel as well as wipers, wipers and cleaning agents.
We kindly ask you to leave the apartment clean on departure and to clean up all used dishes in the cupboards.

Rest periods
The apartment is located in a quiet residential area. In the spirit of good neighbourliness, we ask you to observe public rest periods such as lunch, night and Sunday rest. Also in the apartment itself should be kept quiet between 22:00 and 7:00 o'clock out of consideration.

Please never hand over the keys. A loss of the keys must be reported immediately and the guest is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs. When leaving the apartment, it must always be completed.

We would be happy if your shoes leave the coarse dirt at the door, because parquet and laminate don't like wetness.

Duty of care
We ask our guests to treat the rental property with care and to ensure that fellow passengers and relatives also comply with the rental conditions. Please pay particular attention to your children. The front door should be closed and locked by a key when leaving the house. All windows must also be closed when leaving the apartment in order to avoid possible damage due to severe weather or burglary. With the resources water and electricity, please be careful. Please do not take items from the apartment that do not belong to you.

Late Check-Out
Late check-out between 12:00 - 18:00 will be charged half the daily rate. For later check-out after 18:00, an overnight check-out will be charged.

We don't hope you have to cancel your holiday unplanned. However, if this occurs, the following cancellation fees apply:

Cancellation of the booking ->   up to 2 months free of charge
->   up to 1 month 50%
->   up to 14 days 80%

Cancellations must be made by 12 noon CET (Central European Time) of the day. If no prior oral or written cancellation is made, we will have to charge the full amount.

There is no telephone in the apartment.

We provide toilet paper for the beginning. After that, we ask for self-sufficiency. In case of emergency, we can provide toilet paper at an extra cost. No women's ties and other hygiene products, waste, food waste, harmful liquids, fats or similar may be thrown into the toilet, otherwise unpleasant blockages may occur. Please make use of the facilities provided. In the event of a constipation, the resulting costs shall be borne by the guest.

Early departure
In case of early departure, no refund will be made.

See "Internet"

Intermediate cleaning
If you would like to have interim cleaning during your stay, we can arrange this for you. These will then be charged according to our final cleaning fee (price per hour).

Status House Rules: October 2019

Due to allergy-sensitive guests, our holiday apartment is unfortunately not suitable for pets.

We want to cater to all guests and therefore do not allow smoking in our apartment.
Antje & Uwe Noack